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5. Business Visa

Business Visa

Any Country is keen on attracting people who have a proven record in business investment or have the experience and skills to establish a business. The Business Skills Visa category – all its subclasses – caters to people with different levels of business involvement. It caters to people who want to attend a conference, conduct business, make a reconnaissance business visit, start a new enterprise or invest in an existing one.
Business visas can be short-term, provisional or permanent. You can get a short-term or temporary business visa with a pathway to an independent permanent residence visa or a state/territory sponsored permanent residence. You need to ensure that your business proposal is not restricted by legislation, and that all registration and licensing requirements are met.

We offer professional services to business people and people who have business talents to obtain your permanent residency in any country. We offer services to provisional visa holders who need to start setting up and running a business to fulfil their permanent visa requirements.

For successful business owners, investors and senior executives who wish to settle in Canada, the Canada Business Visa Program is an encouraging pathway towards conducting your business opportunities in Canada.


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Oneway Visa Consultants is a qualified international education consultancy firm based in Karnal, India. Which caters to counselling and helping prospective international students to study in different countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom, United State, European Countries and Others across the globe.


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